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Local & Growing


One of the most consistent blessings has been the rural community that has supported, encouraged, and enabled our business to thrive. We have been apart of the Sabetha, Hiawatha, and Morrill communities for 17 years now and are grateful for the chance we’ve had to interact with so many in and out of this area. Being a local business in a rural farming community has its pros and cons, but it is always something we will take pride in being a part of. There is a strength and sincerity that is very much valued by those of us at Morrill.

Six years ago Lonnie decided to take a step of faith and expand an already busy collision repair center to also offer 24HR towing and roadside assistance. We started with one rollback and a lot to learn. Today we have an entire fleet! Two light duty rollbacks and a dedicated service truck for the roadside assistance calls that we respond to everyday. A new 2018 Heavy Wrecker and specially equipped and enclosed motorcycle trailer for more specialized emergencies round out the MCR Towing fleet.

As MCR continues to grow in its different branches we are excited for more opportunities to get involved and connect with our community. Local small businesses fail without good people to make a community worth being a part of. Thank you to all those who make this community a blessing to do business with!
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Active Learners – A Business Engaged


“No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it.” -Andrew Carnegie

An important aspect of Morrill Collision LLC that we continue to maintain is being active learners in our field. We do this is by ensuring that our employees are thoroughly trained in their job. For our techs especially we see a huge benefit in sending them through the certification process. It is a fantastic way for the shop team as a whole to stay up-to-date on the latest technology, processes, and regulations in the autobody industry.

Throughout the next year it is our goal to achieve the GOLD level in our I-CAR certifications. Each of our staff member will be attending classes of different kinds getting further training in areas such as frame repair, estimating, refinish, body repair. The standard of training and certifications is set high by the owner of MCR, but each of our techs are just as dedicated to reaching that standard.
It is the people that we work with and work for that we are thinking of as we continue to seek out the best products and safest procedure for what we do.

Perfection vs. Excellence

Businesses in every industry will try to sell perfection. We see it everywhere in our culture today! From the fashion world to restaurants and packaged food, the perfection façade is advertised profusely. Everybody is working to build an image of perfection. And we usually buy into it. But this is an imperfect world, and true perfection is not attainable. Perfection – as it pertains to business, products, and services is a lie.

However, Excellence is what every business ought to hold as a goal. The definition of excellence is: “the quality of being outstanding or exceptionally good; superiority.” This is what the team at Morrill Collision LLC works to accomplish day in, and day out. Taking time to find the best equipment and products, in order to produce a outstanding repair. We maintain high standards because we want our customers to walk away with nothing less than our best.
At Morrill, we don’t claim perfection, but we do strive for excellence!

PSA: Dangerous Conditions #moveover

We have all had the experience of driving down the highway and seeing a car pulled off to the side Sometimes it is alone, sometimes with a cop car, or with a tow truck. But what do you usually do when you come across such a scene? Your response could either save, or cost someone their life.

Did you know that 6 emergency responders die every day because motorists are not obeying the Move Over laws? Those of us here at Morrill Collision LLC know how terrifying it is to have vehicles whizzing past a mere 2 feet away at 65-70 mph! The police officers, tow truck drivers and even highway workers are simply trying to do their jobs, and when we do not obey the law we make their jobs very dangerous. We are asking that drivers learn to be aware of the roadway. Please, SLOW DOWN and move over when you see ANYBODY stopped on the side of the road.

Morrill Collision LLC Launches NEW Website!

We got a new look! Morrill Collision LLC of Morrill, Kansas, has launched a new website. We understand that the web is taking over how our customers are looking for businesses and services. Our goal is to make sure that our quality collision repair services can be easily found on the web!

Feel free to browse around our new website and let us know what you think. Please come back frequently to check out the latest news, photos, advice & promotions.

By taking your vehicle to a Morrill Collision LLC, you’re getting the best of both worlds. All AutoCare Centers are independently owned shops that take pride in their communities and customers while still being backed up by a national warranty and the trusted NAPA brand.