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What is collision repair? Collision repair is fixing the “cosmetics” of the vehicle (the body, glass and paint etc.) Collision repair is a highly specialized area of automotive service that operates differently than standard maintenance services.

Morrill Collision LLC has been family owned and operated since 2001. Because we work together day in and day out, we understand the importance of putting loved ones first. At Morrill your family’s safety is our number one concern. With you, and those you care about in mind, we continue to invest in the latest technology and training. Whether in collision repair, car rental, or towing everything we do is centered around your family’s safety.

Dealing with an insurance company immediately after an accident is the last thing you want to do. Morrill works directly with your insurance company to negotiate the best possible plan for repairing your vehicle. Because we are a direct repair facility for two major insurance companies, we are authorized to act as the adjuster and estimator during the repair. This enables us to cut down the processing time dramatically.

Today’s vehicles are built using state of the art technology that goes far beyond the comfortable interior and fancy gadgets we can see. Occupant safety is of utmost importance when vehicles are built, so when an accident occurs the vehicle must be repaired correctly and with the right equipment or it will fall short of the safety standard that it originally had. This includes the processes and methods of welding the car back together.

We realize that with the elaborate mixtures of alloys employed by today’s factories, the old way of welding panels together is insufficient. This is why Morrill uses the top-of-the-line ProSpot I-4 welder. Using the spot welder eliminates corrosion between panels, and delivers factory approved welds that are consistently clean and uniform.

Morrill Collision LLC is also equipped and trained to correctly handle the new aluminum vehicles! Let the team at Morrill make sure your vehicle gets repaired according to the manufacture’s specifications!

Perfection is something that businesses in every industry will try to sell you. But true perfection does not exist in this world. The team at Morrill works hard to research high grade equipment and quality products, in order to produce a superior repair.

“We maintain high standards because we want our customers to walk away with nothing less than our best.”

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At Morrill Collision LLC, we don’t claim perfection, but we do strive for excellence!

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