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Perfection vs. Excellence

Businesses in every industry will try to sell perfection. We see it everywhere in our culture today! From the fashion world to restaurants and packaged food, the perfection façade is advertised profusely. Everybody is working to build an image of perfection. And we usually buy into it. But this is an imperfect world, and true perfection is not attainable. Perfection – as it pertains to business, products, and services is a lie.

However, Excellence is what every business ought to hold as a goal. The definition of excellence is: “the quality of being outstanding or exceptionally good; superiority.” This is what the team at Morrill Collision LLC works to accomplish day in, and day out. Taking time to find the best equipment and products, in order to produce a outstanding repair. We maintain high standards because we want our customers to walk away with nothing less than our best.
At Morrill, we don’t claim perfection, but we do strive for excellence!