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Many do not know all the behind the scenes steps that take place for a vehicle to go from a banged-up mess to looking like new! Below are pictures and explanations showing the different stages of repair that a typical job will go through.


Step 1: Drop off

auto-repair    auto-repair


This is showing an example of what your vehicle might look like when you drop it off for repairs.



Step 2: Disassembly



Once the vehicle comes into the shop we disassemble it and do a second more thorough assessment of the damage.



Step 3: Repairs Begin



A repair typically begins with our techs correcting the structural damage. Here MCR Tech carefully welds a new structural piece onto the vehicle.



Step 4: Paint Prep

auto-repair    auto-repair


After all the repairs have been completed the techs prepare the vehicle for the refinishing stage. They do this by sanding all of the relevant panels, “dry fitting” parts such as doors and fenders, and masking off the rest of the vehicle so that no over spray will touch the rest of the vehicle.



Step 5: Refinish



Before painting, MCR techs clean all of the prepared panels to ensure the paint will be dust and dirt free. Each of our painters are certified by PPG and mix their own paint in order to achieve the best possible color match



Step 6: Reassembly & Completion

auto-repair    auto-repair


Once the painting step is finished the techs put everything back together making sure vehicle is completely safe and road worthy. Because our family understands how much your family’s safety matters.


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