Quality Paint

“Better than factory!” -Greg Dettmann, Head Technician

Are you worried about the new paint lasting, or even matching? The experts at Morrill Collision LLC will give your car a beautiful new coat of paint that has a lifetime guarantee!  Read about our PPG refinish guarantee. Our shop uses the latest in paint technology to ensure a flawless match to your current paint.

We are the first shop in our area to switch to waterborne paint. By using this paint technology, we are exceeding the EPA rules and guidelines for environmental cleanliness. At Morrill, we’re doing our best to protect the environment while obtaining a higher standard of quality in the refinishing process.

In our constant pursuit of excellence, we have invested in this top-of-the-line quad-draft, computer controlled paint booth, featuring a heated air make-up unit. This unit allows us to bake on the finish resulting in a much quicker drying time. It is superior to our competitors’ units and any other booths in this area.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Ehh, that’ll buff out.” But in the collision repair industry, that is usually not the case. At Morrill, we are prepared for the cases that take more than a buff job to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition!

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