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PSA: Dangerous Conditions #moveover

We have all had the experience of driving down the highway and seeing a car pulled off to the side Sometimes it is alone, sometimes with a cop car, or with a tow truck. But what do you usually do when you come across such a scene? Your response could either save, or cost someone their life.

Did you know that 6 emergency responders die every day because motorists are not obeying the Move Over laws? Those of us here at Morrill Collision LLC know how terrifying it is to have vehicles whizzing past a mere 2 feet away at 65-70 mph! The police officers, tow truck drivers and even highway workers are simply trying to do their jobs, and when we do not obey the law we make their jobs very dangerous. We are asking that drivers learn to be aware of the roadway. Please, SLOW DOWN and move over when you see ANYBODY stopped on the side of the road.