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Our Mission
Our mission is to change the reputation of the collision repair industry one great experience at a time.

Our Story

Melanie and I first started thinking about owning our own collision repair business in 1998. For two years, we operated out of a home-based business doing the repair work in our one car garage. I was still employed full-time as a repair specialist at another company, so we worked in the evening and on the weekends to gradually build our business. We did insurance work, re-builders, and some sub-contract work for the area collision businesses.

In the fall of 1999, with a vision of building a new building for our business, Melanie and I bought an unimproved lot on the corner of Main and Roxanna Streets in Morrill. After saving up enough startup funds, we bought initial tools and equipment, had the water and sewer lines installed, and leveled the lot in the summer and fall of 2000. Construction on the building started in the spring of 2001 and on June 25, 2001 the new building was open for business.

It is our desire that everyone who entrusts us to repair their vehicle will be 100% satisfied and will share their experience with family and friends. With that in mind we decided to expand our shop and upgrade our equipment. In August of 2008 we began dirt work for a 3,240sq. foot building addition. Later that fall we poured the foundation, and by November they had the walls up and it was all enclosed.


We are committed to a high standard of workmanship and service. So along with the new addition also came a new and better paint booth, compatible with the level of quality we desire to maintain. The booth is a top-of-the-line AFC quad-draft paint booth, featuring a heated air make-up unit. The new booth was installed in December 2008 and January 2009. When we switched booths we also switched from solvent-based to water-based paint. These two things were huge steps for our shop to becoming more environmentally friendly.

We continue to stay informed on repair procedures to meet and exceed insurance requirements and to stay ahead of the EPA regulations. We also consistently pursue I-CAR training and maintain PPG certifications, so our shop will always provide high quality repairs.

In 2012 was launched with the purchase of one Dodge Rollback. With that Rollback and the use of personal vehicles for the service calls we started to build a name in the towing industry. In 2014 we prepared for growth in MCR Towing and Recovery by building a large shed for the purpose of housing an increase number of in towing units. The tow shed was finished in time to become our base of operations in 2016 when we invested in another brand-new rollback and bought out a local towing company. From 2016 to today we are continuing to grow and expand the number of services we offer within the Towing and recovery field. We have added an enclosed trailer and special equipment to haul motorcycles and in 2018 we purchased a sixteen-ton Freightliner Heavy Wrecker. This enables us to take care of a greater range of calls especially for our local farmers with their farming equipment.

Our family of five has expanded to six with the addition of Jerome’s wife, Cynthia, in June of 2018. Cynthia is part time on the office staff helping with several different areas. In addition to the Teeter family we have full-time employee, Greg Dettmann from Falls City, Nebraska. Greg has been working for MCR for over 10 years and shares our commitment to excellence in our service to you.

Morrill Collision LLC

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