Our shop offers conversion van services. Below are several conversion types we offer.
Disability vans: these vans have structural modifications to allow wheelchair users to enter the van easily. These modifications include but are not limited to raised roofs, lowered floors and lifts.
Travel vans: travel vans are standard conversion vans with large, shaded windows, storage space and a television. They contain a rear bench that may fold flat into a bed.
Office vans: these vans contain a desk and chair bolted to the floor along with an electrical outlet and seats for passengers.
Shuttle vans: shuttle vans are typically used by businesses such as taxis, airport buses or limousines.
Commercial vans: these vans are built with interior racks to utilize space efficiently and to make it as user-friendly as possible.
Motorhomes/RVs: campervans are converted cargo vans with features such as toilets, refrigerators, stoves and other basic amenities that allow its occupants to camp.

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